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Dolphin Stadium may get a new name

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The stadium the Marlins call home, for now, will soon be known by a new moniker.

You knew it first as Joe Robbie Stadium, after the guy who built the place.

Then Pro Player Stadium, after a now-defunct sports gear maker.

Today, it's Dolphin Stadium. But get ready soon for Land Shark Stadium, named for a brew that's obscure now but has big aspirations: Land Shark Lager is a joint project of Anheuser Busch and Key West icon Jimmy Buffett.

Dolphin Stadium president Bruce Schulze confirmed Friday that a naming rights deal with Land Shark Lager is likely. The Dolphins are expected to unveil the new name at a news conference next Friday.

I guess Land Shark Stadium is a better name than Dolphin Stadium, though I will likely keep calling it JRS.  However, it does seem like someone could come with a cool nickname for Land Shark. (not me of course, but maybe you.)  Then again, maybe Land Shark is cool enough.  You decide.

Also I wonder if the deal will include exclusive beer selling rights.  In the old Busch Stadium they only sold Busch beer, don't know about the new one.

Anyway, here is the song that inspired the name.

Fins by Jimmy Buffett