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Brett Carroll sent down

In order to activate Andrew Miller for today's start, Brett Carroll was sent down to New Orleans.

After losing a tough 6-4 decision to the Dodgers at Land Shark Stadium, the Marlins announced backup outfielder Brett Carroll is being optioned to Triple-A New Orleans.

On Saturday, the team will fill Carroll's spot by reinstating left-hander Andrew Miller from the disabled list. Miller, who went on the disabled list on April 20 with a right oblique strain, will get the starting nod against the Dodgers.

The Marlins are four games into a fourteen game stretch before their next day off.  So pitching may become a premium.  Especially since the starters aren't, at the present, going very deep in the games.  This means, as expected, the Marlins are going with 13 pitchers and 12 position players.

That said, in Brett Carroll's time with the big club he only got one start and spent most of his time pinch hitting or as solely a defensive replacement.  Really, he was never given the chance to show what he might able to do at the plate, if he had more than one at bat per game when he got to play.

Carroll's departure weakens the Marlins outfield defense particularly in the late innings.  Apparently, for the time being, the Marlins have given up on the idea of improving the defense, at least in the outfield, and are going with hitting as the metric.  Though no one really knows what Carroll could do with consistent at bats in the majors.

I have little doubt that Carroll will once again go down and tear Triple-A up.  Really, Brett's biggest crime was that he had options left.  However, playing everyday can be a plus.

See you back in the majors soon, Brett.