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Three Marlins Tossed

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Some of this you know and some you may not.

Strange night out at the yard, where veteran umpire Ed Rapuano, working first base, turned a triple play of sorts.

In a span of two innings -- separated by a 17-minute rain delay -- Rap tossed Fredi Gonzalez, Dan Uggla and Emilio Bonifacio.

Personally, I had no idea Bonifacio was tossed out of the game too.  I guess this umpiring crew's egos are so large that if anyone questions their infallibility it is cause for expulsion.

Have I mentioned, I don't like this crew?  And last night is not the reason.

The thing is, I have no problem with an umpire missing a call and costing the Marlins the game -- it happens.  It is a part of the game, after all they are human.  But when year-after-year the only umpiring crew that keeps tossing Marlins out of the game with regularity is this crew, well, it kinda makes them hard to warm up to.