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Fish Wrap - Marlins 6 Brewers 8

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I didn't see the game or get to follow it on any of the web update thingys, so naturally this make me the perfect person to recap the game.  So let's breakout the box score and see what it tells us.

Once again the Marlins got off to a quick start and took the lead, however, Nolasco was far from sharp and it only took him less than four innings to lose it.  So exit Ricky with the Fish down by two and two men on.  Hayden Penn took the mound and promptly let the two inherited runners score.  So when the fourth inning was over the Marlins were down by four.

Now here is where the script for the last couple of weeks changes, the Marlins hitters decided it was okay to score runs after the third inning, a novel concept.  Of course, they didn't score enough of them for the Fish to win the game, but at least they may be catching on to the idea that a baseball game last nine innings.

Also it may have helped if the video review had never been instituted.  Oh sure, everyone says the ball was foul including Gload and Fredi, and I'm all for getting the call right.  However, we haven't had one go our way this season.  At least in this case the review, I'm told, made the correct call, as opposed to the first time.  Still I find very little solace in that fact -- we needed the runs.

Oh well, as it stands at the present:  Video Review 2 Marlins 0

Try it again tomorrow.