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John Koronka may be up for awhile

After last night's game Fredi said he thinks John Koronka will remain in the rotation.

Manager Fredi Gonzalez said he anticipates Koronka staying in the rotation for the immediate future.

Of course, that really isn't up to Fredi since the roster decisions are made by the front office, with Fredi's input I'm sure, and his job is to manage the ones they give him.

I have no problem with a pitcher getting a second start after a less than impressive outcome in the first.  Actually, I'm all for it.  While Koronka has pitched in the majors in the past, he was making his Marlins debut in the hometown of his immediate family which I would guess would add to the butterflies.

However, it might help if he didn't show every pitch in his repertoire to every batter the first time through the order.  Major league hitters tend to adjust when they see everything you've got and none of them are blowing anyone away.

If Koronka does indeed get a second start and it mirrors the first, it is time to consider adding the Hopper to the rotation for the time being and getting someone else to do the long right-handed relief.

Your mileage may vary.