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Andrew Miller's second rehab start

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Andrew Miller pitched pretty well in his rehab start in Double-A.

Andrew Miller, in his second rehab assignment outing, worked six innings on Monday night for Double-A Jacksonville.

The left-hander, who is on the DL with a right oblique strain, gave up one run on five hits with two walks and five strikeouts in six innings pitched against Mississippi.

Miller exited after 83 pitches, with 48 for strikes.

Two walks in six innings in a league that is known for swinging at anything is a little bit of a concern, but surely, he is still working out the kinks.  At least I hope he is working out the kinks.

Miller will rejoin the team on Saturday, at which point, someone goes down.  I have given up on guessing who that will be, since I'm normally wrong, but theoretically it should be a position player.