Maybin sent to Triple-A

In case you didn't already know this, and not seeing it on the front page yet, I regret to inform you that Cameron Maybin has been sent to Triple-A New Orleans.

Courtesy of Juan C. Rodriguez at the Sun-Sentinel:


The struggling Maybin, who did not start for a third consecutive game Sunday, will report to Triple-A New Orleans where the Marlins hope he’ll continue polishing his game. At no point this season did Maybin achieve any offensive consistency. He hit .202 (17 for 84) with five extra-base hits, three RBI and struck out 31 times.


The writing was on the wall before Maybin got caught in a rundown between second and third base as the tying run in a one-run game yesterday. Maybin had been on the bench the last few games, and was only used as a pinch-runner Sunday, and obviously didn't do that very well, either.

After hitting an even .500 during last season's extremely encouraging September call-up, Maybin was primed for big things this year. But, much like Bonifacio, the big splash wore off quickly. By the end of April, Maybin was almost an automatic out who looked completely overmatched. So back down to the minors it is to get his head right again:


We’re looking for him to get some at-bats and regular time, and polish his game," manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "We always talked about right from the very beginning was the confidence level and we don’t want a guy to get buried. As a staff and as an organization we felt he was getting close to that.


Maybin remains a premiere prospect, so the Fish were careful to give him some encouraging words as he heads to the minors:


''We just want to send him down, get some AB's, and regain some confidence,'' Marlins general manager Mike Hill said. ``He's tremendously talented, has a bright future ahead of him. He's still a baby.''</blockquote>

(Via the Miami Herald.) You don't want your top prospect to feel like a failure simply because he needs some more seasoning. I have no doubt he'll regain his swagger and reclaim his spot in center soon enough.


In Maybin's place, the team called up John Koronka, who was 2-1 with a 3.00 ERA at N'Awlins. Koronka was a former mediocre reliever who was converted into a starter this year and has become pretty darn good at it (at least in the minors). Here's hoping that he'll capably fill the gap until Sanchez and/or Miller return.

And last, this would appear to mean that Chris Coghlan has claimed left field for now, with Ross taking over for Maybin in center and Hermida sliding to right. I could be wrong about this, but I don't think they called up Coghlan to have him sit behind Ross Gload. If anyone has any other insight into this, comment away.

(Sorry for the lack of block-quotes; this is my first FanPost and I can't figure out the coding.)