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Emilio Bonifacio's nickname

I have been thinking about this and with the following, I have come to a conclusion.

Dan Uggla and Cody Ross had to prompt Bonifacio to acknowledge the crowd.

"I don't think he knew what they were doing," Ross said. "I think he thought they were cheering for [John] Baker coming up. It was awesome to see him do that.

"That fits him. Inside-the-park home run for his first home run. He could continue home runs by hitting inside-the-park [homers] for our team."

(Emphasis is mine)

Bonifacio's nickname should be either "the Prisoner" or "the Inmate" since he spends more time inside the fences than a convicted felon.

Your thoughts may vary.

[Update]  Just saw this:

 It was the first inside-the-park homer on Opening Day in 41 years, going back to Carl Yastrzemski with the '68 Red Sox.

Since we are going back in time, as Mel Allen would say: How about that!