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Fish Wrap - Marlins 12 Nats 6

After the game (hey, this is still after the game) I am suppose to write a recap from a fan's perspective not the AP style of recap.  I mean really, the AP gets their recap out very quickly and I am no sportswriter or even a wannabe.  So no need to do a second class job of recapping a recap.

But here in lies the problem, I didn't see any of yesterday's game -- I was at work.  Now I could breakdown the box score and give a recap from that, but in essence isn't that a second rate AP recap?  I could rant about not seeing the game and how I hate day games. But there is no need to start the season off with one my day game rants (and believe me, they will happen) so we turn to GameFish for the recap.

1 Down, 161 to Go

While you are hanging out at HLDS give a gander at GameFish's To Do list., it speaks for itself.