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Emilio Bonifacio to leadoff

Fredi has, for reasons unbeknownst to me, decided that Emilio Bonifacio will be the leadoff hitter.

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez has decided at least initially to hit the switch-hitting Emilio Bonifacio leadoff against both right- and left-handed pitching.


Gonzalez likes the fact Bonifacio is more of a pure base stealer than Maybin

In what world does Fredi live in?  

I will try to put this as nicely as I can and here goes:  Bonifacio is far from a pure base stealer and actually he sucks.  His major league success percentage is 58%.  Now while that may say a pure base stealar to some, it doesn't to me.  In order to help and not hurt the team, he needs to be around 70%.  And 58% ain't 70%.

On the other hand, Maybin has attempted 9 steals and has been successful every time.

But given I don't make the decisions, which is probably a good thing, maybe I'm missing something.  If the team thinks Bonifacio is a good choice for hitting leadoff, then fine.  I will sit and watch.

However, don't try and sell me on things he has yet to prove.

Oh, by the way, Maybin is slated to bat eight.  Seems like to me the order of the two is reversed, but you may see it differently