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Fish Wrap - Marlins 4 Mets 3

I was hoping that I had messed around long enough for the GameFish to post her recap and then just link to it.  I'm lazy that way.  But alas, she didn't do one.

So here goes, Johnson wasn't his usual dominating self, but he pitched well.  In the first Cantu proved once again that they didn't build that left-field fence high enough to keep him in the yard.

But the Mets chipped away and had the lead, 3-2, going into the eighth at which point it became bullpen time.  In the eighth Putz walked the first two Marlins hitters and Paulino bunted them over to second and third to let Cody do his clutch magic.  And Cody did not disappoint hitting a single up the middle for a 4-3 Marlins lead.

Lindstrom came into the game and about gave every Fish fan a heart attack, but he held on and the Marlins won to take the series.

All in all it was just another routine Marlins win.

(Aside: we experienced our first taste of the video review and as it stands right now:  Video Review 1 Marlins 0)