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What to do with the leadoff spot

This actually requires more examination than I have time to give it (got to run to the plumbing supply store), but here are a few points.

Emilio Bonifacio was back in the leadoff spot Monday. But there are no guarantees he'll remain there if he doesn't break out of a prolonged hitting slump.

First off, Bonifacio isn't in a "slump" he is just regressing to his mean.  It is a natural thing that happens to hitters.  Given his past numbers there was no reason to think he was going to outperform for the whole season.  Oh sure, Emilio is young and may eventually shift the curve upwards, but that takes time, especially against major league pitching.

Moving on.

The Marlins' leadoff hitters rank 28th in the majors -- ahead of only the Nationals and Phillies -- with a paltry .292 on-base percentage.

Whatever happens, one adjustment Gonzalez said he would not make is to return Hanley Ramirez to the leadoff role.

''I think our lineup is so much better with him hitting third,'' Gonzalez said.

The leadoff hitter getting on base is everything.  He gets more PA than anyone else over the course of the season and he needs to set the table for the big boys to drive him in.  I kinda understand why Fredi would be hesitant to move Hanley back to the one-hole.  Ramirez has too much power which can be wasted following the bottom of the order.  However, if the top of the order isn't getting on base is it really any different?  Also, getting your best hitter to the plate more than anyone else can't be all that bad.

Moving on some more.

The organization is well aware of the problem and are starting to make contingency plans in the minors.

Based on where he's played in recent days, prospect Gaby Sanchez also could be in the mix. Sanchez, who entered Spring Training as the front runner to win the first base job, has played third base for Triple-A New Orleans the past two days.

Chris Coghlan has been getting most of the work at third. Sanchez has seen action at third base before, but in recent years, first base has become his primary position.

Sanchez is hitting .313 with two homers and 11 RBIs in 17 games. 

Gaby hitting in the minors is nothing new.  The fact that the team is going to stick with Cantu at first, should Bonifacio continue to falter, is.  If the Marlins do send Bonifacio down and call up either Sanchez or Coghlan, which could improve the offense, it does make for an interesting question: Who will leadoff?  Maybin?  Ramirez?  Alfredo?  Someone else?  (Note: batting order is one of the most overrated things in the game.)

Like I said, this requires more thought than I can give it right now.  But that doesn't mean you can't.