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Hanley Ramirez sore back

Hanley Ramirez has a sore lower back.

But is all well?

Maybe not. While Ramirez is getting his timing down at the plate, he seems to be experiencing some lower back discomfort. Players commonly deal with bumps and bruises, and Ramirez certainly has played through the years with pain. For most of the second half of 2007, he dealt with a left shoulder problem that required surgery after that season.

Now, for about a week, dating at least to the series at Washington, from April 17-19, Ramirez has been icing his lower back. 

Joe Frisaro goes on to speculate that his back my have been the reason he didn't try for a triple.  Not sure I'm buying that.  In the ninth, when Ramirez doubled, he looked fine to me running the bases.

But it is something to watch.