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Stadium News - Sort of

The City of Miami crossed some t's and dotted some i's and approved the Orange Bowl site for construction of the stadium.

Sarah Talalay reports:

After getting an abbreviated overview of the architectural and transportation plans and with little discussion, Miami City Commissioners unanimously approved this afternoon the permit needed to begin construction of the Marlins’ ballpark in Little Havana. That’s right... a 5-0 vote for the Major Use Special Permit for the $515 million venue.

Earl Santee of Populous (formerly HOK Sport), Rolando Llanes of Civica and transportation consultant Cathy Sweetapple gave commissioners a sense of how the proposed ballpark will fit into the community, that it will be surrounded by parking, retail and as many as 96 residential units, and what kind of traffic it will bring.

I've always wondered why HOK changed their name.  Normally companies do this after it has become public that did something wrong.  For example: Philip Morris is now known by the name Altria Group.  Andersen Consulting now answers to the name Accenture.

I sincerely doubt HOK did it because of past iniquities.  But it has always been curious to me why the change.

Anyway, the city has approved the construction site.