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The Magic Skoal can makes the big time

The Sporting News looks at the Marlins and mentions the Magic Skoal can.

The Marlins are off to an 11-2 start, a fact you’re likely familiar with assuming ESPN isn’t your only source of baseball information. This is only a 13 game sample, or the equivalent of eight percent of the season, so it’s too early to draw many conclusions about the validity of Florida.

Got to say I agree with this entirely.

They do a run down and come to following conclusions.

So, basically, their pitching has been quality regardless of the opponent, but their offense has been considerably more potent against the Nationals, whose team ERA is 6.01, bad enough for second to last in the N.L. After its series in Pittsburgh, the Marlins host Philly, then go to N.Y. to play the Mets followed by a series at the Cubs. That should be a much more telling stretch then the 13 games they’ve played thus far.

Of course there is a flip side to this which is the Nationals ERA is so bad because they were playing the Marlins.  It is probably some mixture of both, bad pitching and good hitting.  In other words, the Nationals may not be all that bad at pitching, when it is said and done, and the Marlins aren't as good as hitters as they are when facing a team with "Natinals" on the jersey.  Time will tell.  But I think I can guess which one had the bigger impact on the results.  (Hint: the Nationals arms aren't all that good, save a couple of starters.)

Oh, the article concludes with the following:

Oh, and also: They have a slump busting can of tobacco as a secret weapon, something I did not factor into the above statistics.

The Magic Skoal can makes the national media, sort of.  Woo Hoo!