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Marlins front office folks finish the Marathon

As you know, some the members of the front office participated in the Boston Marathon and they all finished.  Which is better than I could do.

Among the 25,000 participants was Marlins president David Samson, who was one of dozens of South Floridians running the Hopkinton to Boylston Street course for the first time. Buoyed by the success of his franchise, which is off to the best start in its history, Samson ran a personal best of 4:02:57 - his fastest time by 12 minutes.

While Colombo could no doubt dust him, knocking off 12 minutes off a personal best seems impressive to me.

Other finishers.

Marlins equipment manager John Silverman finished his first marathon in about five hours, nipping P.J. Loyello, the team's senior vice president, who finished his second. General manager Michael Hill ran his second in a personal best of about 4:30.

Congrats to each and every one of them.  Now, get back to work.  Uh, Samson you are excused from work.  Sorry I just can't let it go.