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The Magic Skoal can has a new owner

(Via Fish Chunks)  Cody Ross has passed on the magic Skoal can to a fellow teammate.

"Look what I have."

         Those were Hanley Ramirez's words just a moment ago inside the Marlins clubhouse as he reached into his back pants pocket and removed an empty can of Skoal -- the same can he gave to Cody Ross a few days ago to help the outfielder break out of his hitting slump.


 Now Ross is hoping the lucky can can do for a fellow teammate what it did for him: bring his bat to life. And that player would be......?

       You guessed it, Ramirez, who has gone 0 for 10 the past two games.

       "He said that I need it now," Ramirez said.

       Ross dressed the can up a little bit, wrapping it in white athletic tape and affixing the words "Slump Buster" to the top in black marker.


      If the can works its magic on Ramirez the way it did on Ross, they said they'll turn it into a traveling charm, going from one player to another as the inevitable slumps come and go over the course of the season.

I don't know what it takes for an empty Skoal can to become magical, but could we have more than one of them?

The tobacco free Florida folks must be hating this.