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Anibal Sanchez the number four starter

Fredi Gonzalez announced today that Anibal Sanchez will be the number four starter.

Anibal Sanchez will be the fourth starter.

Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez put to rest speculation over who the fourth and fifth starters will be. Sanchez gets the nod to pitch on April 10 against the Mets, Florida's fourth game.

Left-hander Andrew Miller, meanwhile, will be the No. 5 starter. Miller will remain with the team on Opening Day, and not be sent to the Minor Leagues for a start. His first start will be on April 15.

With Miller staying with the big club it does bring up the question of what are they going to do with Hayden Penn?

As the bullpen stands right now (though it could change), we have:








Okay, VandenHurk is sent to the minors, not a total surprise.  His day will come.  But really, Miller isn't taking his spot he is taking Penn's.  However, in the Marlins world, when someone is received in a trade they are usually given more than the benefit of the doubt. (And sometimes painfully so.)  Also there is the fact that Penn is out of options.  So, I guess the question, which I'm presenting so poorly, is who is the odd man out in the pen?  (With the exception of Miller of course.)  Is it Penn or someone else?