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Fish Wrap - Marlins 3 Nationals 2

The mighty Fish went into the game hoping to do what no Marlins team had done before: start the season off with a 9-1 record.  And when it was all said and done the 2009 version of the Marlins did just that.

On the pitching side: Once again Ricky wasn't sharp but he wasn't horrible either.  He is still struggling with his command.  Nolasco also got off to a slow start last season and I'm starting to think he is one of the pitchers who takes awhile to kick it into gear.  Another possibility along the same line is that he is a hot weather pitcher, those exist.  Fortunately the bullpen was in fine form and kept the game close giving the Marlins a chance to win and eventually saved it.

On the hitting side: Baker got the Fish on the board with a solo shot in the fourth and the bats, for the most part, went silent after that.  That is until the ninth when trailing by a run and with one down and nobody on, Cody strode to the plate, empty Skoal can in his back pocket, to set things right.  Cody took Nationals closer Hanrahan downtown to tie the game.  In the tenth a combination of hits by Cantu, Uggla and Hermida pushed the winning run across the plate.

So all in all, just another routine Marlins win.