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Cody Ross' new patron protector

Sure some are given St. Christopher medallions, by a well wishing person, to wear for protection.  However the Marlins organization does everything slightly askew.

From Fish Bytes

Here's a bit of inside information, and do we mean inside. Cody Ross is wearing a round badge on his left rump, courtesy of a Peter Moylan pitch that struck him there last night.

            But here's the catch: the circular welt isn't the imprint left by the baseball, but an empty can of Skoal put in his back pocket just before the at bat. According to Ross, Hanley Ramirez handed him the empty can just before his seventh-inning at bat and told him to put it in his back pocket for good luck.

            The reason: Ramirez thought it would help cure Ross of his hitting slump.

            "You know how baseball is," Ross said. "You'll do anything to get going."

            Ross doesn't dip. But he's happy the can was in the right place at the right time.

            "It kind of pinched when the ball hit," Ross said. "When I got to first, I thought to myself, 'This doesn't hurt as much as it should.'"

I'm guessing, and it is just a guess, this won't be featured on any of the tobacco free Florida commercials anytime soon.

Another guess is that the same Skoal can will be part of Cody's uniform for some time to come.