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Fish Wrap - Marlins 6 Braves 2

The Marlins for the first time in franchise history swept a three-game series in Atlanta.  Oh sure, they have swept a two-game series before, the last being in 1997, but never a three-gamer.

In order to pull off what before was unthinkable it required Cody, Danny, Jeremy,  Anibal, and the bullpen to be on their game.  Not to mention some help from the Braves defense.

On the hitting side:  Cody finally put things together and went 3-3 with a 3 run home run and added another RBI along the way.  (You knew he would eventually.)  Uggla did the courtesy thing by being on base at the right time in order to score some runs.  Hermida only had one hit but it did score Danny.

On the pitching side:  Sanchez wasn't all that sharp but when he missed, and he did a lot, it was near the zone.  In other words, Paulino didn't have to lunge for anything.  When the bullpen took over the game, they only gave up one hit in three innings of work.

So all in all, another routine Marlins win.