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Is Emilio Bonifacio for real?

For this one I will give the hat tip to Marlins Die-Hards.  I actually found this on my own but Ted posted it first so why not.

Ken Rosenthal had this to say about Bonifacio.


Hate to be a spoilsport about a player as exciting as Marlins third baseman Emilio Bonifacio, but ...

While Bonifacio is 16-for-33 after seven games, at least one scout is far from convinced that he is a keeper.

"He can fly, but once teams figure him out, he's going to hit .240," the scout says. "And his glove is terrible. He's a 40-error guy at third base.

"I think he's afraid of the ball, personally. If he gets buzzed and pitchers start throwing a lot of breaking balls to him, he's in big trouble.

"He's just a guy."

There is no way on the face of this planet he will continue to hit .485/.500/.667.  Just notta gonna happen.  But the man is on a streak so keep swinging.

I have many doubts about Bonifacio, but hopefully I will be proved wrong.  Personally if he hits around .250 with on base percentage of around .330 when the season is done, I will be very impressed.

As for the glove work, he is learning a new position and that takes some time to make the  adjustment.  Moving from being a middle infielder to playing one of the corners causes some discomfort and anxiety .  If you have never done it, when you start playing on the corners it looks like the batter is about three feet away and if he pulls a pitch he could kill you.

The glove could come around but the hitting will fall off, but how far the hitting falls off will be very interesting to watch.  However, the man is on fire for now, so enjoy it.