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Dan Meyer returning to Atlanta

Dan Meyer was once a prospect in the Braves organization and still is friends with some of the members of the team.

When Dan Meyer walks out of the visiting dugout late this afternoon at Turner Field, he is likely to be noticed.

Not necessarily by the home fans, who never had a chance to see him pitch in person during his brief call-up in September 2004, but certainly by some of his former minor league teammates across the way.

"There will definitely be some hugs," says Meyer, a left-handed reliever in his first year with the Marlins.

He came up through the minor leagues with several current Braves, most notably catcher Brian McCann and second baseman Kelly Johnson. Meyer has spoken with McCann a few times since he was traded away four-plus years ago, and he has exchanged text messages with Johnson.

Please, oh, please do the John Smoltz thing.  When Smoltz went to visit the Braves clubhouse during spring training he was wearing shorts, a golf shirt and tennis shoes.  While he was visiting with his former teammates and coaches someone with the Braves organization said "It is time to hit the field."

Smoltz's former teammates looked at him and asked if was going to get ready for the game.  Smoltz replied, something like, good luck in the game guys, I'm off to play golf with Tiger Woods.  The Braves players had a stunned look on their face.

Nothing like being a guaranteed Hall of Famer.

While the only way Meyer will see the Hall of Fame, at least at this point in his career, is if he buys a ticket.  It would be amusing to do the same.  And anyway there should plenty of time to get dressed and make out to the bullpen.

However, I have a warped sense of humor.