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Jorge Cantu's hand still a problem

Jorge Cantu is still fighting with his hurt glove hand.

Marlins first baseman Jorge Cantu said his left hand was so stiff Sunday morning that couldn’t open it.


Cantu was hit on the hand by a pitch Wednesday and re-aggravated the injury Saturday when he caught his hand on the shoulder of Mets second baseman Luis Castillo on a play at first base.

I don't know if you have ever hurt your hand, but I have.  It doesn't recover quickly due to there is very little way to get around using it.  However the press release from the club doesn't think it is too serious.

Fredi had this to say yesterday:

"I expect with today, and then tomorrow the off-day, he should be ready to go on Tuesday," Gonzalez said.

Fredi is always the bastion of optimism and I know Jorge will claim he is ready to play, even if he is not.  So expect to see Cantu in tomorrow's game.  Will he be good to go?  Who knows.