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Alfredo Amezaga back

As I'm sure all of you who saw yesterday's game know, Alfredo Amezaga has rejoined the Marlins.

Super utility man Alfredo Amezaga returned to the active roster Sunday after injuring his knee while playing for Mexico at the World Baseball Classic more than a month ago.

Infielder Andy Gonzalez, who also played in the WBC, was sent to Triple-A to make room. 

It is nice to have the amazing one back, but I do feel a little sorry for Andy since he didn't get an AB in the majors.  Sadly, he was relegated to Andino's old role of just sitting on the bench and talking to Fredi.  While Fredi may be one great guy to have a conversation with, I know I would love to have the opportunity, I'm guessing Andy wanted more out of his first time with the big club.  Unfortunately for him, that didn't happen.  But oh well, he did a get a bump in pay for five games.  Maybe he can buy a new set of tires. (One day I'm going to have to explain the new set of tires thing.)