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Emilio Bonifacio now has a fan club

Will Manso, Sports Director of WPLG-TV, has put together a fan site for Emilio Bonifacio.

Okay, just about every athlete and celebrity has an official fan club.   After watching Emilio Bonifacio play two games for the Marlins, I have already been convinced that the rookie 3rd baseman needs his own fan club.


“The Bonifacionados”

 Just for fun, I set up a facebook page for the club, so for those of you with facebook accounts, just look it up and join.


My nicknames never take hold.

If you are a fan of Emilio and have a Facebook account, there now is a place on Facebook to sing his praises.  But if you don't have one and were always looking for an excuse to sign-up, go for it.  Either way check it out.

(Disclosure: I don't have one.)