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Logan Morrison injured

As HadMatter reported in yesterday's open thread, Logan Morrison is out for awhile.

Just talked with Jim Fleming, who oversees scouting and player development for the Marlins, and he had some bad news on Logan Morrison.

The Marlins' Double-A first baseman will miss 6-8 weeks after suffering a small fracture in his right wrist while in the field on Friday night. Morrison brought his glove hand, the right hand, into the baseline to fetch an errant throw and got it caught on the baserunner as he sped by.

"We were hoping it was just a bruise, but the MRI showed it was an emulsion fracture," Fleming said. "It's not a big deal. It's in a splint right now and they're debating whether to cast it or not."


The injury comes at a time when the Marlins' big-league first baseman, Jorge Cantu, is struggling with a less-serious injury to his left hand. Cantu was not in Sunday's lineup against the Mets...

While this isn't good news for Logan or anyone in the Marlins organization, I doubt that he would've been the first choice to replace Cantu should his injury merit DL time.  I suspect the honor of being called up to play first would go to Gaby Sanchez.

But whatever the case it is going rob Morrison of about a month of action.  However the boy has the talent and will probably pick up where he left off.  The question I have is why he is still playing first?