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Cody Ross still feeling good

No one wants to start the season in a slump and Cody Ross is no exception.

"In the grand scheme of things, I'm not going to hit .100, and a lot of guys are not going to hit .500," Ross said before Sunday's game. "It all evens out, so it's not something I'm really worried about. It's just frustrating.

"It's just frustrating when you see your whole team swinging the bat well, and you're that lone guy who's not producing. But as long as we're winning and playing the right way, it's a lot easier to take. If we were 0-4, and I was batting .100, I'd be a little more upset about it."



"Obviously, you definitely want to get off to a fast start, but I've been notorious for starting out slow," said Ross, who hit .146 in the first month of the year in 2008 before turning in his finest season to date. "I felt good in spring, and I was hoping that it was going to correlate into the season, but it just hasn't started.

"It's still early. We've only played [six] games, and I'm not concerned about it. I'm having good at-bats, hitting the ball hard. Just not getting the result that I would like."

Ross admits his swing has "a little extra length" than most others, and he does tend to have an uppercut trajectory. 


No worries mate, Jeff Bagwell had an uppercut trajectory and it didn't seem to hurt his performance at the plate when all was said and done.  But when you swing that way it is a very complicated swing and sometimes takes a little while before you dial in.

It will come.  In the meantime keep hitting the warning track shots to the guy who can't catch.  Nothing like pissing off the Mets fans.