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Fish Wrap - Marlins 4 Mets 8

All good things must come to an end, and so it was with the undefeated streak.

Nolasco by the sound of things, still wasn't sharp but he battled most of the night.  When a pitcher isn't sharp they need some help from their friends.  Sadly, the Marlins proved once again they can't hit a junker and no help was provided.

When Hernandez finally exited the game, the offense kinda sorta showed signs of life but the defense took that moment to start their Key Stone Cops imitation.  And if that wasn't bad enough the bullpen made sure there was no hope of winning the game.

Miller and Penn combined to give up the same amount of runs as Ricky but in less time.  All in all, it wasn't a pretty night.

Nolasco will be fine.  As for Miller, lots of question marks and concerns remain.  Penn, has yet to prove himself trustworthy.

If games, for whatever stupid reason, have to be blacked out in the local market, this was a good one to choose.

Oh well, there is a reason we play 162 of these things.