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Fish Wrap - Marlins 5 Mets 4

Both starters did well in their first outing of the season.  Fortunately for the Marlins Maine made two major mistakes and Hanley and Danny took him downtown big time.  Neither starter made it to the sixth, Anibal due to throwing too many pitches through five and Maine was removed due to situational hitting.

So when the battle of the bullpens began the Marlins were up 2-0.  This is a good thing, if you are Marlins fan, since the bullpen needs to be spotted runs to start the competition.  As it turned out they needed all the cushion they could get.

The Marlins bullpen wasn't pretty last night and Nunez looked like the only one who knew what he was doing on Friday.  But thanks to the bats and Leo (not forgetting a well timed Rally Beer Run by HadMatter) the Fish had the lead going into the ninth.

Lindstrom looked to continue his extended spring training and hopefully close out the game.  That didn't happen.  The Mets rallied and tied the game in the top of the ninth.

In the Marlins half of the ninth, Bonifacio hit a slow roller to short and beat out the throw.  Hanley walked moving Bonifacio to second and with two outs Jorge Cantu came to the plate.  For some reason the Mets elected to allow O'Day to pitch to Cantu and on the second pitch of the at bat, Cantu laced a single to left and Bonifacio sped around the bases and scored the winning run.  The Open Thread went wild.  Not to mention the Marlins.

So all in all, just another routine Marlins win.