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Emilio Bonifacio fantasy darling

Seeing how I'm not playing fantasy baseball I have no idea who won Dan's over/under on Bonifacio being picked up by fantasy players.  But if I had to guess, the over was the way to go.

The love for Emilio Bonifacio has reached dizzying heights. Here's yet another question we received about the Marlins' speedster:

I have Bonafacio in my standard 5 x 5 roto league.  Another owner has offered me Carlos Pena for him. I currently have Carlos Delgado at 1B, Miguel Cabrera at 3B and Bonafacio as my DH. I have enough stolen bases between Corey HartChone Figgins, and Ryan Theriotto keep my team afloat, so I'm not worried about losing 30 SB. Is Pena a good flip for Bonafacio or do you think I can entertain better offers? -- Paul K.

My recommendation here is: Dude, make the trade.