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More Marlins camp moves

The Marlins made even more adjustments to the camp roster.

The Marlins continued to pare down their roster after Tuesday night’s game, releasing infielder Dallas McPherson and reassigning outfielders Michael Ryan and Alejandro De Aza, and left-hander John Koronka to minor league camp.


The moves bode well for Brett Carroll, who is the only reserve outfielder remaining in camp.

I am a fan of Carroll, let's face it, he plays the game all out.  He has also been very good at every level in the minors when he is getting consistent AB but I'm not sure his situation is anywhere near set as the fourth outfielder.  Oh sure, he is the only one left in camp but that doesn't mean anything. (Sadly)

The Marlins don’t have a left-handed backup outfielder in camp but Gonzalez also hinted the team might find someone from outside the organization in the coming days…

Now while it may be better for Brett to play everyday in New Orleans than ride the pine in Miami Gardens, it is kinda odd how spring training matters for some and not for others.

In case you are wondering who the Marlins are considering bringing in.

The Marlins, who are sniffing around for a lefty bat off the bench  might have some interest in Geoff Jenkins, who was released Tuesday by the Phillies.


From the Marlins' perspective, he could be this year's version of Luis Gonzalez -- only seven years younger. Gonzalez, who is still floating out there as a free agent, has been linked again to the Marlins. But I'm told the interest in him is "minimal" and that Jenkins would be a more intriguing option.

I am a proponent of veterans make better pinch hitters than the younger guys, though I can't back this up with stats.  However, it just seems to make sense:  the younger guys have only played full time and the older ones are more experienced at coming in off the bench cold.

That said, there does become a time when youth should be served.