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Matt Lindstrom in the WBC

Matt Lindstrom performed excellently in his appearance in the WBC.

Juan C. Rodriguez writes:

Think Matt Lindstrom was fired up for his World Baseball Classic debut Sunday night against Venezuela? His first pitch to Melvin Mora in the fourth inning registered at 100 miles per hour.


Have to think the intensity level of WBC games will serve Lindstrom well as he prepares to take over full-time closer duties.

I still have the same concern I have always had about Marlins players playing in the WBC.  It is really way too early for them to be putting out maximum effort for a long period of time.  Of course, Lindstrom is 29 years-old and in theory his arm should be as strong as it will ever be, but I still hate to see him too much too soon since we will need him for 162 games.

But I must say this:  he did look good.