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Robert Andino still has life

For all of the Robert Andino fans out there, and I count myself as one, he may be with the team come opening day.

The Fish Pond.

Don't immediately discount Robert Andino's chances of making the team. Because he is out of options, many believe it is a given that he won't be on the Opening Day roster. That may not be the case, as the team is weighing whether to keep him as Hanley Ramirez's backup.

My feelings on this are mixed.  One, I'd love to have Andino on the 25-man roster.  Two, if Andino makes the roster, it means that Bonifacio can go get the training he so sorely needs down in the minors.  Both of these are positives.

The downside feelings are for Andino.  I really think he could be an everyday short stop for someone and maybe riding the bench for the Marlins isn't in his best interest.

But hey, we are about the Marlins and having Andino on the club as a bench player, helps the team.

Yeah, it's selfish but on the other hand Robert has a rock-paper-scissors title to defend.