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Rick VandenHurk getting some schooling

Our buddy Photi at Fish Chunks did the research and discovered that Rick VandenHurk is being taught by the best.  Many thanks to Photi.

Normally I would just have you go to Fish Chunks and read the whole thing, but today is an exception.

"A lot of it is just changing their grips on the baseball and the way that they go about their business," Blyleven said.

Blyleven was known for his tremendous curveball during his time in the Majors, and he said that he's been helping VandenHurk to work on that pitch specifically. Blyleven has been in contact with Marlins pitching coach Mark Wiley, and they've been working together to make VandenHurk's curveball better.

"He's got a very good, tight rotation on it," Blyleven said. "His release point was a little off. So we corrected that and he pitched really well [Wednesday] night."

Blyleven actually met VandenHurk's dad during a trip back to Holland years ago. At the time, Blyleven said, the younger VandenHurk was only six or seven years old. It was one of the last times Blyleven went back to visit the country, but he said that likely will change now.

VandenHurk is studying at the feet of the Master.  And hopefully he will soak everything up he can.

When I was a kid I had the pleasure of seeing Blyleven pitch towards the end of his career.  And I remember leaving my seat with the family and heading to walkway behind home plate.

Of course, I wasn't suppose to be there but this kind older gentleman usher who asked for my ticket was most understanding.  When I explained I wanted to stand behind home plate and watch Blyleven's curve ball break, if only for a moment.  He said something along the line, with a smile, go watch, it is amazing.

And for one half of an inning, viewing from behind the plate, I saw the most amazing curve ball in the game.

Learn, Rick, learn.