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Rick VandenHurk still in training

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Rick VandenHurk while away from camp is still getting direction.

Bert Blyleven, the former MLB pitcher, is the pitching coach for the Netherlands team. He is working with that team's ace, Rick VandenHurk of the Marlins. "The Marlins want to work on his delivery," said Blylevin, "so I try to give him the same workout the Marlins want."

That type of attention to individual needs as defined by the big clubs is common in the national team camps.

VandenHurk the ace?  Cool.  I guess Jair Jurrjens opted out of the WBC.

Back to story at hand.

Bert Blyleven working with VandenHurk can only be a good thing.  It never hurts when a young pitcher is getting advice from someone who should be in the Hall of Fame.

But I do have a request of Mr. Blyleven:  Teach Rick the Curve Ball!  You know, that same curve ball you used to deceive and decimate hitters during your prime.  It would be much appreciated if you did.

In case you aren't following along with the Marlins players on the WBC teams, Rick started yesterday and pitched 2.2 scoreless innings against the Reds.

Lastly, Teach him the curve ball Bert!