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Veteran Players still looking for a job

According to Mike Berardino there is a veteran pitcher who might like a job with the Marlins.

Which brings me to Odalis Perez.

The ex-Brave, ex-Dodger, ex-National is a free agent again after reneging on a $750,000 minor league deal with the Nats. He's here at Fort Lauderdale Stadium today with the rest of the Dominican Republic World Baseball Classic team, and he's still looking for a job.

Have the Marlins called?

"I haven't heard," he said, "but I hope they do. I would love to play here."

Would he reach out to the Fish to let them know of his interest?

"If they want me, they know I have an agent (Scott Boras)," he said. "They can give my agent a call."

 Okay, I see a major problem here, leaving aside the Marlins wanting to try and make a go of it with their young starters.  The problem is:  "If they want me, they know I have an agent (Scott Boras)..."

 When you are a team on a budget the last agent you want to deal with is Scott Boras.  Especially since he is all about how much money he can get in commission.  Boras doesn't seem, in my opinion, to care that much about the players, but is looking for a payday.

 And if you are a player, or his agent,  looking for a big payday, the Marlins aren't the team for you.  Also he has only had 3 years of an ERA+ above 100 in his 10-year  career,  I won't go into the details of what ERA+ means, but suffice it to say if a pitcher is below a 100 they are below average.

 Now, to another Boras client.

Rosenthal says the Marlins and Mets remain interested in (Ivan) Rodriguez, but in either case he'd have to earn his playing time.  Pudge wants to enter a situation where he'll get to play five days a week.  The Marlins and Mets aren't ready to push aside John Baker or Brian Schneider to guarantee that.

Notta gonna to happen.  There is, probably, no way the Marlins are going to let Pudge be the "full-time" catcher.  He is not the future of the team and Baker needs and deserves the opportunity to get most of the playing time.

With Rodriguez being a Boras client, I doubt they will lessen demands anytime soon.  Also there is the fact, that should he agree to a backup role, he probably won't come cheap.  And cheap frugal is the way of the Fish.