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Stadium News - Sort of

I was planning on holding off news about stadium until Friday, but this seems pertinent.

Sarah Talalay reports.

And when it comes to his stadium’s other tenants, the Marlins and University of Miami football team, [Stephen] Ross is watching the Marlins ballpark proceedings. Ross seems to be indicating he’s willing to extend the Marlins’ lease beyond its 2010 expiration, but hopes the team is able to move into a new home in 2012.

“I’d like to believe 2011 will be their last year at the stadium,” Ross said.

 It is nice to know that no matter what the future trials and tribulations bring, the Marlins won't be kicked to the curb.  At least for few years.

 If you want to read the an article about the Miami Arena, which Jrsyegale discussed in the comments yesterday, here it is.

 Downtown land owner details stadium option

 It is from Miami Today, an organization that has been less than supportive of a stadium for the Marlins, but by reading you will get the idea of the option presented.

 The two main problems with the Miami Arena site is that it is too small to house a baseball park.  Also, there is the fact he wants the Orange Bowl land in return.  Both of these are non-starters.

 Jrsyeagle mentioned in his comment about running the train through the outfield.  I know at one time a minor league stadium had a train that periodically made an appearance by running through the outfield, which was kinda sorta made famous in the movie Brewster's Millions.  Does anyone remember which minor league park it was?

 I think it was in New York, but I'm not sure about that.