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Alfredo Amezaga doing the warrior thing

Alfredo Amezaga thinks he his almost good to go.

Super utility man Alfredo Amezaga (sprained knee) is swinging the bat and taking ground balls pain free. He will start light jogging today and made it sound like he could be ready Opening Day.

That's probably overly ambitious for Amezaga, who hasn't seen much live pitching this spring. The more likely scenario is the Marlins will put him on the disabled list retroactive to March 27. That'll make him eligible to return April 11 and give him a chance to pay in a handful of minor league games.

That is good news, except, I quit believing a player's assessment of their physical condition a longtime ago.

Mr. Rodriguez is most definitely correct in his analysis, Alfredo will probably start the season on the DL.

We are talking a week here and he is now just doing some light jogging, it is going to take some time.