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Matt Lindstrom could be back soon

Matt Lindstrom is throwing off the mound and could see action sooner than expected.

Gonzalez said he was optimistic about closer Matt Lindstrom being ready for Opening Day after watching Lindstrom throw off a mound for the second time in three days. Lindstrom, recovering from a strained rotator cuff, felt strong, and he is scheduled to throw against hitters on Tuesday in either a minor-league game or a live batting practice.

If Lindstrom is ready, Gonzalez said, he wouldn't push him.

''We wouldn't run him out there on back-to-back days,'' he said.

We are talking a week to be ready for opening day and he is just going to see live batting after the injury?  Okay.  Whatever.

Don't expect Lindstrom to be closer on opening day.  If the club is really serious about not pushing him, then they will work him in spots where he doesn't feel the need to pitch at an all out effort.  Assuming that spot exist.

Lindstrom has nothing to prove, early on, he is the closer.  But at the start of season, let Nunez take care of it.  I mean really, we are going to play 162 of these things.