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Marlins trade for Ronny Paulino

Which is something you should all by know, Ronny Paulino is the newest Marlin.

The number to remember in the Marlins' acquisition of catcher Ronny Paulino: .355.

Paulino's lifetime average against left-handed pitching was among the driving factors in the Marlins finalizing a deal with the Giants early Saturday. Paulino will back up the left-handed hitting John Baker.

Initially, the Phillies traded Paulino to the Giants for reliever Jack Taschner. Before Paulino even thought of making travel arrangements to Arizona, the Giants flipped him to the Marlins for Class-A right-hander Hector Correa.

Saturday, the Marlins optioned catchers Mike Rabelo and Brett Hayes to Triple-A New Orleans.

Not a bad acquisition all in all.  Correa is popcorn kernel that has yet to pop.  He may be great one day or maybe he won't.  The trade is a for the now, and not one for the future.

However, I hope he is better at catching than he is at reading a map.

It took a while, but Ronny Paulino,the Marlins' new backup catcher, joined the team Sunday morning.

Paulino got lost between Clearwater, where he had been with the Phillies, and Jupiter when he missed a turn in Orlando where Interstate 4 meets the Florida Turnpike.

''It was a long day. I didn't have a GPS, and I got lost a couple of times,'' Paulino said.

Dude, the Marlins organization is on IH-95 not IH-75, but I guess you know that by now.


In the past, the main concern about Paulino has been his attitude.  Contrary to what you have read, Pittsburgh let him go because he complained a lot.  However, that was then and this is now.  The Marlins organization isn't the Pirates and he may do just fine here.  Most players like being a Marlin, I guess it is they are treated as a person, quirks and all, because it sure isn't for the paycheck.

I don't know how good Paulino is with handling pitchers or his defensive skills, but we find out.