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Chris Volstad is working on his change

Chris Volstad in yesterday's scrimmage used the time to work on his change up.

Right-hander Chris Volstad allowed one run in three innings of a scrimmage Monday, but he was most happy with changeups he threw in his final one-two-three inning.

"That's a huge pitch at the big-league level,'' he said. "You keep the hitters off balance, especially as a starter. If you show that changeup the second or third time through the lineup, it keeps them off the fastball.''

Volstad, last season, only threw his change up about 9% of the time.  His speed differential between the fast ball and the change is a little over 8 mph.  And that is good enough. (Fast ball - 91, Change up - 83).

Judging by his statement we may see his change up a little more in the up coming season.

Oh, in case you were wondering, his curve ball is normally clocked around 79 mph.

I need a life.