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Matt Lindstrom to throw off the mound

Matt Lindstrom is scheduled to throw off the mound tomorrow.

RHP Matt Lindstrom (sore right rotator cuff) will throw off a mound Friday for five minutes. If that goes well, Lindstrom will try to to it at least two more times with a target of pitching in a Grapefruit League game April 1.

If he can be ready that soon, then great.  But I have my doubts.

Throwing off the mound is a big thing and it adds extra stress to the body.  Normally it takes a person's body a few days to get used to it.  And then, it takes a little longer to regain one's old form.

Lindstrom, by age, is in the prime of his career so he may recover more quickly than most would.

We will see.