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More Marlins camp moves

Yesterday the Marlins optioned a couple of players to the minors.

The spring roster was reduced to 40 players when the Marlins optioned right-hander Tim Wood to Double A Jacksonville and reassigned infielder Chris Coghlan to minor-league camp.

Wood was optioned to Jacksonville in order to get him more work.  And also, so he will be easy to access should the Marlins need him and I'm guessing they will.

Coghlan, the second baseman of the future, is expected to end up in New Orleans to continuing to develop there.

Not speaking about Chris, but in general, the Marlins Triple-A club being in New Orleans should prove to be interesting.  Without a doubt, the players will be trying to hone their baseball skills, however, I'm guessing some will find Bourbon Street also.  While such activity wasn't detrimental to Babe Ruth, or countless others, this may be an intriguing thing to follow.

If it ends up being really "intriguing" I will share with you the history of drinking alcohol and hitting.  It has an interesting correlation.