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Scott Proctor nowhere in sight

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The abuse to Scott Proctor's arm earlier in his career is taking a toll.

Spoke this afternoon with reliever Scott Proctor, who is blaming himself for his latest elbow setback, one that'll cause him to miss not only Opening Day, but most likely the entire first month of the season.

          "A lot of it comes down to I should have known better, should have held off," said Proctor, who isn't throwing because of loose scar tissue directly related to elbow surgery last September. "I aggravated it more by trying to do too much, trying to get back


"I'm going to miss the first part of the season, but what we're trying to do is cut down the time (it takes to return)," said Proctor, who was projected to be a key member of the bullpen after being acquired as a free agent in December. "May 1 is definitely my target date."

But Proctor said team officials have told him it could take longer.


This isn't good news and definitely shakes up the bullpen.  If Proctor is having this much of a problem with his elbow after early spring training throwing and only appearing in one game.  It is hard to believe he can be counted on to do much for the Marlins during the season.

I'm sure he will try his warrior best, but at this point, I don't see it happening.  But you never know, however, this one I can guess.