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Taylor Tankersley optioned to Triple-A

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Taylor Tankersley is New Orleans bound.

The Marlins optioned reliever Taylor Tankersley after the left-hander had another poor outing, allowing four earned runs while recording only one out against the Houston Astros.

           "We've got to get him fixed," said manager Fredi Gonzalez.

          Tankerlsey, who has given up 15 earned runs in 6 2/3 innings (20.25 ERA) this spring, was optioned to Triple A New Orleans.

Tankersley has skills but somewhere along the line has lost confidence in his abilities.

For my money, that probably means that Renyel Pinto and Dan Meyer will be the left-handers in the bullpen.  While John Koronka's name is being mention, and if the Marlins go with three left-handers he could stick.  However, should the Marlins go with two, Koronka has options whereas Meyer does not.  Also you have to consider that in the past Meyer has the better starting stats of the two, in case a long left-handed reliever is needed.