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Stadium News - Sort of

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I was trying to decide when I will remove the "Sort of" from the title.  But being a cynic by nature, I won't do it until July 1, at the latest.

For a recap of last night's voting we, of course, go to Sarah Talalay.

Ballpark supporters were all smiles after Miami-Dade County Commissioners voted 9-4 late last night to finance a $515 million ballpark and $94 million in parking lots at the former site of the Orange Bowl.

It wasn’t easy getting there – it took more than nine hours of debate among commissioners and testimony from nearly 80 members of the public. That on top of the numerous years, countless stadium plans and dozens of commission votes.

But the approval, which wasn’t assured even as recently as last week, was all but sewn up Monday, when County Commission Chairman Dennis made it clear he wouldn’t allow any alterations to the deal other than those deemed “friendly” by stadium supporter Commissioner Bruno Barreiro. Supporters clearly didn’t want any changes made that would sink the deal or require it go back for another vote to the Miami City Commission, which approved the plan in a 3-2 vote last week.

With Commissioner Javier Souto on the yes side of the ledger, supporters knew they had the deal approved. That didn’t stop opponents from proposing a number of amendments – many of which Barreiro didn’t even hesitate to reject – aimed at improving the deal for the public.

Naturally she has more.  I can only quote so much and still have a good conscience.

I was going to link to what everyone (other bloggers)  thought about the stadium deal passing, but then it occurred to me -- I don't care what they think.

They weren't here during the rain delays or having to pretend that the football stadium the Marlins played in was an actual baseball stadium.  Or drive 70 miles in order to just see a weekday game.  Forget them.  They don't know the pain.

The Marlins won't own the stadium.  Miami-Dade will.  And what I got from last night's meetings was that the county wants a major league baseball team, whether it is owned by Loria or not.

Also, HOK doesn't sign off on a piece of junk that has their name associated with it.  And union workers don't build garbage.

Okay, I'm a bit defensive, but I have read too much about how it was just a give away to the Marlins.  Maybe the Marlins got a good deal, maybe they didn't (when the cost overruns come in)  but a major league baseball team should have a baseball only park.  You may disagree and feel free to do so.

Rereading this, boy, I need to tone it down.  But then again, what would you expect from someone who is having to wear shades because he has never seen a sun so bright?  (If you catch my drift.)