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Stadium News - Sort of

In case you didn't follow along in the meeting by the city yesterday, the stadium deal passed 3-2.

As always, Sarah Talalay gives the report.

After hearing from more than 70 stadium supporters and opponents and debating the project thoroughly, Miami City Commissioners voted 3-2 to finance a new ballpark for the Marlins.

The vote came a month after commissioners deadlocked 2-2 on the project when Commissioner Michelle Spence-Jones was on maternity leave. Spence-Jones provided the deciding third vote, joining stadium supporters Commission Chairman Joe Sanchez and Commissioner Angel Gonzalez.

Before voting on the plan, Spence-Jones spent considerable time going over everything from the percentage of stadium construction jobs promised to Miami-Dade County residents and concerns that Overtown get its promised aid for development and improvements.

Read the whole thing for a full recap of the proceedings.

Finally, the city is out of the way which just leaves the county which votes on Monday.

In the past the city has been more Marlins friendly than the county,  So come Monday (and yes, I have listened to way too much Jimmy Buffett.)  The bare knuckles fight will begin.

But in the meantime, enjoy the victory, and we will do all again on Monday with the county.  And that may take all night long.