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Taylor Tankersley looking to rebound

Taylor Tankersley had a horrible 2008 season and is looking to recapture his old form this season. was downhill from there for Tankersley, who was sent back to Triple-A Albuquerque three times and ended with a 0-1 record and 8.15 ERA in 25 appearances for the Marlins.

"Last year was a little bit of a mystery. The effort, concentration and preparation were there but the stuff coming out of my hand wasn't electric," said Tankersley, a left-hander who was the Marlins' first-round pick in 2004.


"We just want to see the old Tank we saw in 2006 and parts of 2007," Marlins manager Fredi Gonzalez said Sunday at Roger Dean Stadium. "He needs the consistency he didn't have last year for the majority of the season."


The Marlins will likely keep two left-handed relievers, and Renyel Pinto likely has one of those spots, with Tankersley, Dan Meyer and Zachary Kroenke in the mix for the final spot.

I disagree with the final statement that the Marlins will likely keep only two left-handed relievers.  I think they will keep three in the pen.  One long reliever/spot starter and two situational lefty relievers.

The long reliever spot will go to Dan Meyer, one of the situational lefty slots belongs to Reynel Pinto and the final one is up for grabs.

The spot is Tankersley to lose but if he falters in spring training it will leave the door open for rule five draft pick Zach Kroenke.

Taylor has options left so the club won't hesitate to send him down if he doesn't perform.

It is all up to Tankersley whether he makes the club or not.