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Jeremy Hermida in the outfield

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Jeremy Hermida is having some issues in left field.

Hermida, making the switch from right field to left, struggled with the windy conditions in the field for the second consecutive game. He misplayed another flyball that fell for a hit after letting two drop on Saturday against the Baltimore Orioles.

"We're going to continue to work him. We have five weeks left in spring training," outfield coach Bo Porter said. "It's my firm belief that when we get ready to play (on opening day) he's going to be confident and he's going to do a good job out there."

I'm sorry but Jeremy Hermida has never been a good defensive outfielder and probably never will be.  Is it possible for him to be an average outfielder?  Sure you bet.  But is going to take a lot of work.

Probably once the Marlins start playing their games in JRS it will get easier for Hermida.  Left field is kinda short and the way the stadium is designed it does knock down the wind which can only help.

But even with his desire for getting better defensively and Bo working with him, a gold glove will never be in his future.

Juan C. Rodriguez had this to say about Hermida.

No doubt this is a make a break season for Hermida, at least in terms of his future with the Marlins. The organization has a few outfielders knocking on the door -- John Raynor, Scott Cousins, dare I say Alejandro De Aza -- so Hermida doesn't have much room for error. If Logan Morrison is tearing up Double-A and Hermida gets off to a slow start, wouldn't surprise me in the least if Morrison starts playing left for Jacksonville. 


I don't completely agree this is a make or break season for Hermida's future with the Marlins since he is costing the Marlins $2.25 million this season.  If history is any indicator the Marlins won't enter into arbitration with him again no matter how he performs.  They will showcase him and try to up his trade value.  Yes, I understand my take is just a variation on the theme.  But hey, I can get away with that.

And personally I will be surprised if Logan Morrison doesn't start the season in left field for Jacksonville.

That is Logan's future with the Marlins.  Might as well get a start on it from the beginning.